Sunday, October 12, 2008

Abundance Of Thanks

Today we are going to my Canadian girlfriends home for Thanksgiving. My initial question is still unanswered (because I'm an egotistical ignorant American?) about what do the Canadians give thanks?
But, I've decided that it really doesn't matter. I am taking this day, as all days should be, to give Thanks for all of the ABUNDANCE we have in our lives.
  • I have Mark for my husband, who as my Alison reminded me recently loves me like no one else

  • I have two beautiful children, Josh and Alison, both in their appearance and character

  • I have both of my parents alive today

  • I have Lois, my mother-in-law from my first marriage

  • I have my in-laws, Ian and Brucie, from this marriage too, for which I am truly grateful.

  • I have three beautiful daughters, Amber, Natalya and Alyssa, through Mark

  • Albeit cluttered, dusty and not terribly clean, I have a warm house to shelter me from the coming cold weather

  • I work for an incredible boss

  • I have enough money to pay all my bills, and stash some away for vacations

  • I have the cool car in the family

  • And the biggest, saved for last because it's greatest:
  • I have GOD
There is so much more I could add, but this is my foundation.

I am making some vegan delightful Thanksgiving foods for Alison, because Sheila will have an over abundance of food for the rest of us.

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