Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday


On Sunday Pastor Pete spoke of "Friendship brings value to Life" (sermon video) and I've been thinking about it a lot. In my post the other day I mentioned how after Church I'd gone and met my friend Joseph and we palled around together for the afternoon.

Joseph is a friend I met at a job we both had 5 years ago and as each year passes our friendship is strengthened. I value Joseph.


crazy said...

thanks DI. yes it is 1:12 in the am I can't sleep too many things on my brain if I still have one.... it has been a good 5 years in my life that you have been my friend also. and I hope the next 5 are the same. I am closer to you than any of my real sisters, you are one of the best friends I have. I love you.

Diana said...

See, this is what I love about Joseph. Now anyone who happens to read this blog (few though they may be), they'll see why.

At least part why, cause they don't know all there is to know about you. :-)