Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Weekend In Bullets

Posts are always more fun with pictures, sbut I don't have any. Yet. They're on Joseph's camera. I borrowed this one from Stoney:

Here's the highlights of the weekend:

It started on Friday:
  • Left work at noon
  • Picked up Joseph - met Sheila in Carson City, leaving my car at a friend of Joseph's
  • Drove to Pleasant Valley Campground just North of Bishop, CA
  • Set up camp and helped Sheila make a MOST amazing meal
    • Shrimp sauted in garlic, with fresh tomato and avocado, all served over linguine )
  • Sat around the campfire until bedtime then crashed

Continued Saturday
  • Rise and shine at 7am ... Huevos Rancheros for breakfast (potatoes, eggs, salsa, cheese)
  • Off to Owens River Gorge to climb routes like this
  • Climbed a total of six awesome routes with Joseph as our belay slave
    • Pitstop wall
      • I led Low Octane 9***
        • I led it after her
    • Warning Signs wall
      • Sheila led Warning Laser Beam 8***
        • I led it after her
      • Sheila led Watch For Rocks 8***
        • I led it after her
      • I led Boating Prohibited 10a***
        • Sheila after me
  • AWESOME lunch of pita sandwiches
      • We TR'd Batting Cage 10c*
        • #5 for each
      • I led Wonka 10a**
      • Sheila TR'd Oompa Loompa 8**
  • Mile and a half walk up the road back to the parking lot and the car
  • TAILGATE party of beers and chips
  • Keough Hot Springs S. of Bishop for a nice soak and shower
  • Dinner at "Las Palmas" in Bishop
  • Got gas and pulled away from the pump with the hose still in the car
  • Back to camp for more campfire and BED
Wrapped up on Sunday:
  • Rise and shine early at 7:00
  • AWESOME breakfast burritos heated over the fire
  • Broke camp and headed for Mammoth Lakes on a scouting mission
  • Found a great climbing area pretty much IN Mammoth Lakes, we can go there with our husbands and climb half a day and hang with them the rest of the weekend.
  • Drove through the June Lake Loop and found another great area to camp and paddle canoes with our husbands
  • Back to Carson City for my car and back home (after dropping Joseph off)
TOTALLY AWESOME weekend!! Life is Good.

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