Saturday, September 13, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday (a little late)

So my blog post is a wee late, which is what happens when you go on vacation for a week. An INTERNET FREE vacation no less. Not only internet free, but electricity free (and running water free ... hello long drop). I can't say electronic free because I did have my ipod (which, by the end of the week was on ration so that the battery would last until I could get back to civilization and charge it) to listen to music. We were in the Snowy Range Mountains, Medicine Bow National Forest of WYOMING, which made being internet free okay:

Lewis Lake, Snowy Range Mountains, Medicine Bow National Forest, WYOMING
With no distraction of the internet (or even cell phone coverage to text people), I was left with only my husband and God to talk with. It was a glorious week of strengthening both relationships. We were at our family cabin, at elevation 10,400 feet. We went on a hike (passing the lake in the image above) and according to my gps (I really have a hard time being electronic gadget free), the highest elevation we hiked over was 11,075ft. You can't get much closer to God than that now can you?

There is a stream very much like this one, right near the cabin, and we've walked/hiked past this very stream on previous visits.

Telephone Creek, Snowy Range Mountains, Medicine Bow National Forest, WYOMING

We kept waiting and hoping to see the moose that are often seen in the area, but alas we weren't so lucky. We did see one deer though, off in the distance. The Monday and Tuesday we were up there were gorgeous ... clear sunshiny days. Positive Post Tuesday found me hiking past the lake above - what a day. Wednesday brought a full day of rain and great appreciation for our efforts of installing the new wood stove on Monday. Thursday morning brought more rain - we packed up and headed back to civilization (Laramie, WY). My husband went back up to the cabin with his Dad and found snow covering the ground. It seems we made a good call to come down from the mountains. But that's my Positive Post for this week!

Life Is Good

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