Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Is It??

Ya know, I go about my days on a pretty even keel. Most days. Or so I'd like to think. Then my boat gets rocked. Danny (a friend) has said that I don't seem to have a lot to stressed out over, and he's got a point. After I rattled off the list of this that and the other things that have gone on since February, he said "Oh, I guess maybe you do. But you sure don't appear to be too stressed out most the time." That would be because I do a pretty darned good job of stuffing stuff. Which is another problem all together.

what goes on inside

Here I'd just gotten my boat all back on even keel again, and it got rocked again. But, in this I do know, I'll be fine and it will all even out again. I've got my mind made up and His help. But then I go to a bible study and my boat gets rocked again. There are select few in my life that witness my weakness. That's why Danny hasn't seen.

What is it with that? Why is it that I find my balance, only to be rocked again? Why did I go to that bible study, why was that the topic? He knows my weakness, He knows my anxiety. And He didn't keep me from going. I wanted to go. But why was that the topic?

Have to think on that one.

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