Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

I have what everyone wants from their job. I enjoy what I do, and the company I work for is amazing. Well, saying the company really minimizes how amazing it is, because the company is my boss, Stoney deGeyter. It's hard for me to explain very well all the things it is about him that makes him such a great person but I'll try.

I work my tail off, have all my life in any job I've ever had. And yet only in this job have I been recognized for my efforts. Putting in fifty to sixty hours a week is not uncommon for me. I've had jobs where I work hard like this, and when something comes up (say an appointment or something), I've had to use my 'earned' paid time off to take care of my personal business. Fair enough.

But in this job, I put in that time, and when something comes up, not even medically related, but say, maybe a friend is in town and I'm going to use some of my PTO to spend time with her. I put in for the time off at work, and Stoney tells me, "Take it on the company. You've worked enough extra hours, don't use PTO." Are you kidding me? did he really say that? Yes he did.

My sister lives in the lovely land of Hawaii, Stoney allowed for me to visit her and work from her house, paid. Because he trusts that I am going to get my work done and I'm not taking advantage of his generosity.

Then I go on a real internet free vacation for five days. First day back on the job I am told "Diana, you work too much. You're not allowed to work more than eight hours per day this week." "All week" I whine? And since I whined, he tells me that I'm not allowed to work more than seven hours per day all week.

That was yesterday, so I'm sitting home in my jammies today, jamming out a Positive Post to link back to Brody Harper's Positive Post Tuesday... Stoney, you're one hell of a guy to work for, and I thank God that I do!

I forgot to add this most important piece: Every time Stoney demonstrates his appreciation for my work and efforts, I want to work that much harder for him. My effort to demonstrate my appreciation for his acknowledging my efforts.


Bubba said...

Wow. Your boss rocks. I worked for a guy like that one time. He truly understands the value of people, even above and beyond what they contribute tangibly to the bottom line. I would work for him again in a heart beat.

It's also great to see how much you see and appreciate him. These days, people like Stoney are really rare.

Keep up the great blog, too. I found you through Brody's PPT links.

Diana said...

Thanks for the comment bubba. :-) You're dead on with He truly understands the value of people statement.

The part I left off, and think I'll go back and edit in, is that every time he demonstrates his appreciation for my work, I want to work that much harder for him. My effort to demonstrate my appreciation for his acknowledging my efforts.

Round and round it goes ... :-)

Ng said...

I still think he was mean for telling me you quit. It was really weird not seeing you in the office when I got in. :D

Diana said...

He was mean, I agree.

For anyone else who might read this, Ng works with me too, and this morning when she got to work and I wasn't here (as I usually am) Stoney played the jokester (as he often does) and told her I quit.

When I got here, I smacked him. That's the kind of boss he is, he takes the abuse in return for what he dishes out.

Stoney deGeyter said...

Diana, you earn every bit of time off I give you and then some. I wish I could adequately compensate you for all your hard work, dedication, commitment, and productivity (when you're not slapping me, that is). You are truly a one-of a kind employee.

Diana said...