Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where to go and what to do ...

There's a question for you ... But who can answer it?

I've spent this morning reading blogs and the Bible and listening to a sermon or two, and talking to God. In all of this, I've come up with a list of random answers. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe not.
  1. I'm going to build myself a motivational 'vision board' as explained by Cathy. I've been inspired. I have goals, and I tend to forget about striving to achieve them. So I'm going to make this board and stick it in my face to remind me. And I'm going to work towards achieving them.

  2. I have recurring frustration in a certain area of my life. I'd already come to the decision to give it to God every time it comes up, but today I read something that reminds me that each time I give it back to Him, that I also say a prayer of forgiveness. My frustration and resentment only eats at me, and I need to forgive the source. Luke 6:28. The big kicker is that the source of my frustration has no idea they are the source. So why do I continue to carry it?

  3. On the same note as above, I re-listened to Pete Wilson's sermon on Forgiveness (in the Baggage series). And I took notes. Forgiveness is not condoning, excusing or reconciling. It simply frees my spirit by letting go of my 'right' or desire to hurt them back.

  4. I am moving on.

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