Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

As previously mentioned, we are in Canton Ohio this week getting to know our new coworker team mates. Jackie has a love of horses and she happens to actually OWN a horse. Ace lives at Dave and Tracy's barn, and Dave is one of our coworker team mates too. It's really awesome to get to work with these guys, and even more awesome that they've shared their love of horses with Sarah and I (Stoney is a big fat fraidy cat). Ace has been a bit stuborn for Jackie lately, tonight he did not want to walk forward. I got a couple of pictures of them together. In this first one Jackie has a little bit of a smile on her face, not sure why cause Ace had only stepped one step forward. None of the pictures I took on my phone actually show the breath teaming from our faces, or the horses faces, but it was a bit nippy out there tonight. All the same, we had a great time. I haven't been on a horse in 13 years now, not since Chuck and I rode in New Zealand. Sarah has been around horses in her live, but has never been on one. Tonight was her lucky night.

She and I both rode Matahute (remember that name from "The Rescuers Down Under?" (I don't, but Sarah did). Anywhoots, Matahute was just a sweet girl and very tolerant rusty experience and a sweetheart to ride.
Fun times. (I can tell I've been spending a lot of time with Sarah, cause that's her line)

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