Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday's Randomness

My boss, Sarah and I are in Canton Ohio for a week. We're meeting up with the rest of the crew, our families are 'melding' into one. Much enthusiasm in this trip! Here's a brief photo journal of our three legs to get here.

Rising well before dawn, our flight left Reno at 6:05. The first leg, Stoney and I sat in one row (with Sarah across the aisle cause it was a 2 x 2 small puddle jumper prop plane). This is when I took the picture of the sunrise.At LAX we had to rush to the connection. What a pain. The 2nd leg, the long flight, Stoney got stuck in the back of the plane, and Sarah and I played cards.

The short 3rd leg, Stoney was in row 4, I was in row 10 and Sarah was in row 12, which happened to be the last row on the plane. Another puddle jumper but at least it was a jet.
That's where the moon rise picture was taken. Kind of a poor quality picture that I've not been able to improve much in Photoshop. But it was really cool seeing the moon peak through the cloud cover contrast against the wing tip. Airline was NorthWest, thus the red tip.
Arriving in Akron/Canton about a quarter til 7 (4 at home) we'd been at it for 12 hours. After getting ourselves to the hotel (LOVE MY iPHONE and Google Maps!) we settled in and got some food. Now Sarah and I are chillin and catching up with all our stuff.

I have more pictures up on my Facebook, if anyone wants to go peak at them.

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