Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whata weekend ...
Ok, so here's my bulleted list of randomness:
  • We demolished the kitchen. Granted, it looked pretty bad before we even started (duct tape on the floor) but it's totally gutted now.
  • Before the gutting was complete, I stood on the counters trying to wash the walls. I have always grabbed the bottom edge of the counter, to help pull myself up onto the counter. Having learned how easy it is to just yank the cabinet faces off, I'm just dang lucky that I'd never accidentally pulled them off! (and those walls are YUCK!)
  • Mark paints the walls tomorrow. Alison and I went and bought some very pretty brown paint for the big wall and behind where the stove will go. We got a lighter color for the ceiling and half wall and sliding glass door wall. My FaceBook account has a photo journal of sorts. (demolition so far)
It's been a long day. I'm tired. (destruction is hard work!

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