Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday's Favorite

Friday isn't over yet, so I can still post.
My favorite thing I did online this week was take the Jung Typology Test and then get my friends to take the test too.

I am an ESFJ Extroverted Sensitive Feeling Judging
Sheila INFJ Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging
Three of my bestest guy friends are all ISTJ Introverted Sensitive Thinking Judging
Another guy friend is an INTJ Introverted Sensitive Feeling Judging
Another girlfriend is an ENFJ

I found it very interesting (in a most cool way) that Mark, Joseph and Danny all share the same personality type, and Stoney is only slightly different from them. I think that shows consistency in my personality trait in being attracted (not like THAT) to the same kind of men. I wonder what Chuck was?

Sheila and I are opposite in the first two traits, and the same in the second two. My other friend, Jen is opposite from me in only one trait. (and I tested as an Extrovert ... see how that falls in line with my recent post about Paying Attention?)

Now I'm curious to know what my other friends are? Come on, find out and post your reply. Rachel? Jackie? Sarah? Kelley? um ... if I've not mentioned your name, it's cause I don't know you read me.

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